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Custom Laser Vision

What is Custom Laser Vision?

Custom Laser Vision San AntonioIn January 2003 the FDA approved a new form of laser eye surgery that is commonly called “custom” LASIK or LASEK. It is described as ‘Custom’ because custom lasers utilize more specific eye measurements in their treatment process. Custom lasers have a better quality laser beam. A superior laser beam creates a smoother treatment, resulting in crisper, clearer vision both night and day. Custom laser outcomes are significantly better than conventional laser outcomes. In one study, 98% of the participants saw at least 20/20 with an astonishing 70% seeing better than 20/20. Custom lasers are more precise and cost more to operate and maintain, but the advantages far outweigh the additional expenses.

Why is custom laser vision better than conventional laser vision?

1. Custom lasers work in 3-dimensions and follow the shape of your eye during treatment. By maintaining the eye’s natural shape, we can improve contrast sensitivity, reduce glare and halos and improve crispness and clarity of vision. Conventional lasers work in 2-dimensions, so the treatment slightly flattens the front of the eye.

2. Custom lasers cause less visual distortion or aberration during the treatment process. Custom laser beam energy is twice as high as conventional laser beam energy. Higher energy allows for a smaller (1mm) laser beam, which provides a smoother surface. A smooth surface is less likely to cause visual distortion and contrast sensitivity problems after surgery.

3. Some people have higher order aberrations in their vision that degrade vision quality. Wave front measurements quantify these abberations so they can be treated. For people with significant abberations it is now possible for them to achieve a better quality of vision after treatment than they had while wearing their glasses or contact lenses. People with aberrations may see 20/20 but without as much crispness and clarity.

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