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Patient Testimonials

Shannon Canada

Cross Canadian Ragweed
Wife of lead singer, Cody Canada

Living on a tour bus trying to keep up with contacts and glasses was nearly impossible. I had LASEK by Dr. Tschoepe … and couldn’t be happier. My job keeps me up at all hours of the night and I don’t have time to deal with contact lens care. I can get up and be ready to roll in a moments notice now ~ and be able to see clearly. I love it.

Sondra Sue Parker

During the months before my cataract surgery, night driving had become increasingly difficult with haziness and halos around car lights… Now that Dr. Tschoepe has used the Tecnis lens to replace my cataract, I do not have that problem, and night driving is a pleasure once more.

Jesse Roy Hart

I have friends that have had similar results. I can’t recommend Dr. Tschoepe enough. He is not only at the cutting edge of his field but he is also cautious about recommending what is right for each individual. I have utmost confidence in his honesty in this regards. If you are having problems with your vision I recommend you talk with Dr. Tschoepe first to get his opinion about what is best for your eyes. Technology is advancing rapidly and he may be able to help you with your eyes problem when they were not able to in the past. Dr. Tschoepe and his expert staff look forward to helping you. I recommend you call Dr. Tschoepe today.

Lucinda J. Hutcherson

I want to thank you for making my life so much brighter. I had LASEK done … and nothing has been the same since. I can see and read, without glasses.

At age 57 I decided my children were grown and it was time to take care of me. I inquired about LASEK, and checked out doctors. I am extremely picky about my physicians, I check their curriculum vitae, make sure they attended UTHSC, are board certified, etc. Dr. Tschoepe met all of my expectations. So I made a visit to see if I qualified.

To make a very long story short, Dr. Tschoepe, you changed my life and my vision. I wake up and can see everything. The first thing I noticed was my license plate. I had never even paid attention to the numbers as the trifocals and contacts weren’t good on those things.

I will be forever grateful for everything. Nothing hurt at all, I could even see right away and I was told exactly what to expect and what to do. Nothing was left out. I rested for one day, not because I felt bad, but to rest my eyes since I work on a computer.

Would I do this again? Only with Dr. Tschoepe at his facility. But yes, I wish I had done this years ago. All I can say is try it, you will like or even love it. I didn’t realize vision was so important until my procedure. Now I wake up and say thank you every morning.

Arthur Garcia

I have been seeing great with my LASIK procedure! Of course, I was nervous but your staff was great before and during the procedure. My vision has been 20/15 ever since. My life has changed ever since. It is awesome to be able to get up in the mornings and not have to squint to read my alarm clock or find my glasses. I hear there have been many improvements to the procedure and the cost is still relatively the same. People have asked me if I recommend the procedure, and I tell them they would never regret it. Thanks for everything!

Patricia Roe

Wow!!! What a difference I have found since making the decision to have cataract surgery on both eyes. First, my left eye and then my right eye. My vision is now 20/20 and my night vision is excellent. At first I was pretty nervous about the surgery but the staff at McKenna Outpatient Surgery made me feel so safe and comfortable the procedure was not bad at all. Also, Dr. Tschoepe, your staff was the most professional and confident office I have yet to experience. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Brenda Martin

I would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you,” to Dr. Tschoepe and his staff for helping me to see the world the way it is meant to be seen. Before LASEK surgery, my life was a blur unless I was wearing my glasses or contacts. Now I can sit across the room and still be able to read the small print weather alerts as they scroll across the TV and I do not have to worry about my glasses fogging as I go in and out of air conditioned buildings. Dr. Tschoepe and his staff are very professional, helpful and always answer all my questions. Thank you, Dr. Tschoepe, for my freedom from contacts and glasses!

Anna Lee Hicks

Every morning for 15 years, before I opened my eyes, I reached for my glasses. Every time I sat down at my computer, I reached for an additional strength of glasses. Every time I got in my car, I reached for even another strength of glasses. I had been self-prescribing different strengths of over-the-counter glasses for years. Finally when the strongest strengths were not doing the trick, I made an appointment to see my parent’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Tschoepe at the RealEyes Vision Center.
Surprise, I needed tri-focals. Whether it was the refusal to acknowledge that I was getting older or perhaps a measure of vanity, I just could not bring myself to fill the prescription for tri-focals. I set up another appointment and asked Dr. Tschoepe “isn’t there an alternative”? Surprisingly, he said yes, in my case, this would be elective surgery. He and his staff told me about the new ReStor lenses, the costs and recovery process. From beginning to end, from Dr. Tschoepe’s office staff to McKenna’s out-patient services, this was the easiest surgical procedure I have ever experienced.

During the time between surgeries, when the lenses had been implanted in my left eye and not my right, the most unusual revelation began to unfold. If I closed my old eye to look only through my new eye, I realized that colors became bolder and profound. Colors from my old eye had a yellow cast on them. It was explained that as we age, our lenses do as well and like paper, they yellow. I will now and forever see colors as I did as a child. How beautiful is that?

Sometimes when I first awaken I still reach for my glasses before I realize I no longer need them. As a matter of fact, I didn’t need them to drive. I even had to get a new drivers license that said no longer needed glasses. Imagine how many questions I received from the clerk at the Drivers License Office.

I did not expect a miracle but I got one. If it is possible to grow younger, I am experiencing it. Thank you, Dr. Tschoepe and staff.